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Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer - what are injury cases worth in Ontario Canada The primary goal of personal injury law is to put the injured party (the plaintiff) in the same position they were in prior to the injury occurring. Sometimes this is impossible, such as when the plaintiff sustains a permanent or irreversible brain injury or spinal cord injury.

An Ontario personal injury lawyer has been reprimanded by the Law Society Tribunal Hearing Division for misleading advertising As of September 2016, Mr. Mazin advertised on his website and other …

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A Star investigation that began in 2016 found personal injury lawyers in Ontario had routinely taken their fees then also taken the “costs,” which a Divisional Court judge had called “double dipping.” …

Lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases understand the importance of gathering … The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), which is the insurance regulator, requires that this com…

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Our Ontario team of personal injury lawyers has the knowledge and experience to provide you the right legal representation in all types of serious injury claims. We deliver a winning experience in personal injury matters in the following areas detailed below.

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