Mortgage Backed Securities, Explained

Mortgage Backed Securities, Explained

Mortgage-backed securities are bond-like investments made up of a pool of mortgages. When you purchase a mortgage-backed security, you’re buying a small portion of a collection of loans that a government-sponsored entity or a financial institution has packaged together for sale. Investors may refer to these loans as MBS, which stands for mortgage-backed securities. Investing […]

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Finding a Home: Tips for LGBTQ+ Buyers

For the LGBTQ+ community, the experience of finding and buying a home has been changing for the better, but buyers do still face some challenges. These home-buying tips can help make your path to homeownership more fair and equitable. Understand your rights Zillow believes you have the right to buy a home free from discrimination. […]

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What Are Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)?

What Are Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)?

Inflation, or a sustained period of rising consumer prices, can take a bite out of investor portfolios and reduce purchasing power as the prices of goods and services increase. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, or TIPS, are one way to hedge against inflation in a portfolio. These government-issued securities are inflation-protected bonds that adjust in tandem with […]

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Understanding the Gold Silver Ratio

Understanding the Gold Silver Ratio

The gold-silver ratio is the price of the silver and gold relative to each other. Initially, the gold-silver price relationship was fixed at a certain ratio but over time it began to fluctuate as information traveled faster and external variables weighed on their value. It’s a measurement that’s been around for thousands of years. Understanding […]

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